Working with ProShape Acryl+Gel - combining all the advantages of a builder gel and acrylic - you can forget about the rush imposed by the thin consistency of the product. ProShape Acryl+Gel is characterized by excellent elasticity, hardness, and at the same time easy to file. It is also odourless, which definitely increases comfort in the manicure salon. This revolutionary product is ideal for a wide variety of nail reconstructions - including toenails . You do not need to use a mould to get exactly the effect you have planned. ProShape Acryl+Gel also features minimal burning sensation under UV and LED lights. Try the full range of innovative manicure products!

Revolutionary nail products - ProShape Acryl+Gel

When performing a manicure or pedicure with the ProShape Acryl+Gel series of products, you can focus on precise shaping of the nail. It is ideal for building, extending and reconstructing the plate - it is characterized by excellent durability and at the same time flexibility. It is also great for crimping and creating spectacular tunnels. Innovative products ProShape Acryl + Gel allow even novice stylists to perform beautiful shapes or types of decorations. Working with them is pleasant, easy, and they achieve great results. Order ProShape Acryl+Gel nail products and try them yourself!

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ProShape Acryl+Gel CLEAR 50g

Colourless acrylo-gel which you can use to extend your nails. Combines the properties of gel and acrylic. Discover a...
Price pln 145.00

ProLiquid 150 ml

ProLiquid is a liquid dedicated to modelling acrylic gel mass, thanks to which ProShape gains plasticity and properties...
Price pln 15.00

ProShape brush OVAL 6

ProShape OVAL brush #6 is an elegant and compact tool, which on one side is equipped with a spatula for application of...
Price pln 60.00

ALMOND Dual Forms

ALMOND Dual Forms allows you to create the ideal shape for the classic almond. It is characterised by its gently rounded tip...
Price pln 35.00


MODERN ALMOND Dual Forms allows you to create the ideal shape of a contemporary almond. Its structure resembles the classic...
Price pln 35.00