Watercolour inks

Year after year, the manicure market is expanding with newer and newer building and decorating techniques, making the services even more comprehensive and diverse. Wondering what to enthuse your customers who value refined, perfect aesthetics combined with great creativity? Try our nail art paints, with which you can create amazing effects on your nails. Enjoy your shopping!

What is the Aquarelle technique?

Aquarelle is one of the techniques of decorating nails. Using watercolour paints, it allows to create subtle patterns without sharp edges. Thanks to these products, it is easier to create an ombre style decoration, paint romantic flowers, create a marble effect, as well as implement many other ideas of your customers. Check out the nail paint colours in our online shop and try them out in your salon!

Blur effect and many other ideas for using watercolour nail paints

The blur effect is a trend that has led to many online tutorials. Professionals teach you how to create a delicate background for floral designs, for example. However, instead of using tricks which require some practice, reach for the available inks for Aquarelle decorations. Their consistency allows you to easily conjure up a motif of blending colours resembling a watercolour painting. See for yourself how great creative potential lies in these products! Order a set of 10 colours in a convenient case and a brush to try this technique in your salon.

Create the most beautiful romantic, ethereal, artistic designs on your nails using the watercolour technique. Order Aquarelle nail paints in our shop and distinguish your salon from the competition!

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ICON Brush

The brush is designed for precise Nail Art decorations. Decorations made with it guarantee perfection and accuracy. Its use...
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Watercolour inks AQUARELLE RED

What is the Aquarelle effect? This technique is based on creating blurred patterns which blend and blend perfectly. In a few...
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