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MASTER ART brush 9mm

The Master Art nail art brush is one of the most popular brushes chosen by stylists. It is a precision brush with thin, nylon...
Price pln 40.00

NAIL ART brush 11mm

The NAIL ART brush is a long, thin, nylon bristle brush that makes it easy to create precise geometric patterns, long, drawn...
Price pln 40.00

Brush SQUARE 4

The SQUARE #4 brush is appreciated by nail stylists from the very first use, thanks to the perfectly shaped nylon bristles in...
Price pln 50.00

Brush SQUARE 6

Our Square #6 brush is a professional tool designed for gel application. The nylon bristles are straight cut, resilient and...
Price pln 50.00

Brush OVAL 6

The OVAL #6 brush is the perfect tool for applying gel in an even manner. It's a real pleasure to work with, and thanks to its...
Price pln 50.00

PETAL brush

Petal is a versatile brush that is perfect for gel and hybrid techniques. The slender brush with a rounded tip creates soft,...
Price pln 50.00


Round Spike is a versatile brush made of natural Kolinsky bristles, which will be perfect for working in acrylics,...
Price pln 50.00


With our French manicure brush you will be able to do this styling even easier, with precision and care. The specially cut...
Price pln 60.00

ICON Brush

The brush is designed for precise Nail Art decorations. Decorations made with it guarantee perfection and accuracy. Its use...
Price pln 25.00


Liner Brush for making long, thin and precise lines in decorations. It is also perfect for ornamental styling and intricate...
Price pln 25.00


Of the many brushes available on the market, our Ultra Thin embellishment brush deserves a special mention. It is made of...
Price pln 25.00


We offer a wide range of professional Kolinsky and nylon bristle brushes for nail design, which are an indispensable part of any nail stylists work station.

Precise application of nail polish, gel, hybrid or decorations requires a specific type of brush. In response to customer expectations, we offer professional nail accessories that will help you create an elegant and durable manicure. We guarantee a wide selection of brushes for different applications, because each of them is distinguished by slightly different properties. Take a look at our entire assortment of nail art brushes, we are sure you will find something you like.

Decoration Brushes

Are you looking for a brush to help you apply Swarovski crystals to your nails and paint designs on them? Opt for the practical decorating brush with probe! It has a fine Kolinsky bristle brush on one side and a probe on the other side for precise modelling of acrylics, gels and application of various decorations. By investing in this type of nail accessory, you are guaranteed a wide range of applications which go hand in hand with the convenience of using the brush.

Which gel brush to use?

The application of gel on the nails requires the use of a brush, which are designed for this purpose. We offer a wide range of such nail art accessories. We recommend the use of brushes with natural Kolinsky bristles, which allow precise application and make working with such a brush a pleasure. The comfort of use is also influenced by the even cut of resilient bristles and detailed profiling. You will find here nail art brushes with round as well as square finish. See for yourself today!

Best Nail Brushes

If you appreciate high quality nail art accessories, you are in the right place! In our online shop you will find a careful selection of nail design and gel brushes, as well as other nail design accessories. We provide professional advice and full support during the purchasing process. Are you looking for the perfect brush to decorate your nails? We invite you to shop!