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Cuticle Mask OH! SUN-DAY 10ml

The softening cuticle mask works to soothe irritation and also prevents moisture loss. It is ideal for anyone who wants to...
Price pln 29.00

Cuticle Mask PINK SKY 10ml

The PINKY SKY Softening Cuticle Mask is a product that effectively soothes dry and rough cuticles, soothes irritation and...
Price pln 29.00

Cuticle Mask HEY, CLOUD! 10ml

Cuticle Mask HEY, CLOUD contains 10% urea, which effectively softens and moisturises the cuticles, preventing moisture loss...
Price pln 29.00
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Cuticle Mask set

The Cuticle Mask set is the ideal solution for any beauty salon that wants to offer its clients effective cuticle care after...
Regular price pln 435.00 Price pln 304.50