The gel polishes proposed in this category are the next step in the development of popular hybrids. They combine all advantages of classic varnishes with unique consistency, which affects their application. We are convinced that everyone who tries this type of gel polish at least once, will use it every day. Check out the colours we have prepared for you and go shopping!

We explain what distinguishes gel polish

Wondering what makes these varnishes stand out from other hybrids? We explain! First of all, pay attention to their consistency. It combines the extraordinary durability of gel with the plasticity of varnish. Thanks to this you have a guarantee of the varnish durability, as well as much greater control when applying the product to the nail plate. It is also worth mentioning that our unique creamy consistency does not flood the cuticles at all and does not chip. Gel nail polishes are a modern way to beautifully painted nails!

Opt for Eclair gel polish and enjoy exceptional results.

Eclair nail polishes are top quality products that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. They are characterized by a strong saturation of pigments, which translates into intense, deep colours, as well as eye-catching shine. It should be noted that the gel polish are offered with an improved brush in the shape of a fan, which significantly improves the process of their application. If we add to this a rich palette of colours, we obtain a perfect product.

We encourage you to buy. Should you have any questions, we remain at your disposal. We will be happy to help you choose the best solutions.

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A very dark navy blue, reminiscent of a stormy sky. Extremely energetic and dynamic, yet mysterious and elegant. Pomegranate...
Price pln 36.99


capacity: 7ml Delivery time includes: time of processing the order and time of delivery by the carrier (1-2 days in...
Price pln 36.99


A dirty shade of lavender. Unusual and elegant. capacity: 7ml Delivery time includes: time of processing the...
Price pln 36.99