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Each manicure or pedicure should be crowned with a kind of icing on the cake, that is massaging aromatic olive oil into nails and surrounding skin. Its application allows not only to additionally shine the plate, but also to moisturize and soothe any irritation. In our online shop you will find proven nail products, which have been tried and tested by many nail stylists. Order oils and creams with convenient delivery to your salon!

Natural hand and nail care after manicure

Nail filing, matting the nail plate, degreasing with a special preparation, applying a builder base, several times curing under a UV lamp, pushing back cuticles, washing polish with cosmetic acetone - all these activities performed during manicure work cause both the nails and the skin around them to become weakened, dry or irritated. A great way to prevent this is to regularly use protective creams, olives and other nail care products. In Cuticle Oil Sassy & Classy, you will find a natural composition of avocado, olive and macadamia nut oils, enriched with added vitamin E. Find out how easy and pleasant it is to take care of your beautiful hands!

Delightful fragrances of nailcare products

In addition to nail and hand care, the use of oils is also a pleasant experience for the sense of smell. We recommend products with unusual fruity aromas, for example melon, coconut or peach. Cuticle Oil Sassy & Classy is a perfumed gem available in our shop. You will sense notes of coffee, jasmine, orange flower, pink pepper, vanilla and patchouli. Have a look at all Eclair Nail products!

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Cuticle Mask set

The Cuticle Mask set is the ideal solution for any beauty salon that wants to offer its clients effective cuticle care after...
Regular price pln 435.00 Price pln 304.50

Cuticle Mask OH! SUN-DAY 10ml

The softening cuticle mask works to soothe irritation and also prevents moisture loss. It is ideal for anyone who wants to...
Price pln 29.00

Cuticle Mask PINK SKY 10ml

The PINKY SKY Softening Cuticle Mask is a product that effectively soothes dry and rough cuticles, soothes irritation and...
Price pln 29.00

Cuticle Mask HEY, CLOUD! 10ml

Cuticle Mask HEY, CLOUD contains 10% urea, which effectively softens and moisturises the cuticles, preventing moisture loss...
Price pln 29.00

LUNA cream

LUNA's innovative formula protects against blue light (HEV) emitted by smartphones and computer screens, among others. It also...
Price pln 29.00


LUNA GOLDEN is a protective daily skin care cream enriched with golden, shimmering particles. After the application of the...
Price pln 29.00
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The Professional Hand Care product line is designed to deeply moisturise and nourish the skin on your hands. Delivery...
Price pln 180.00


The white cotton towel will be perfect for Body & Mind beauty rituals. dimensions: 30 x 50cm Delivery time...
Price pln 29.00

Cuticle oil MELON 30ml

The perfect finishing touch? A beautifully scented nail polish with a nourishing effect. The fresh, appetising scent of melon...
Price pln 30.00

Cuticle oil COCONUT 30ml

The Coconut Nail Oil will wrap your hands in a coconut mist and, thanks to the precious properties of sweet nut oil and palm...
Price pln 30.00

Cuticle oil POSE 30ml

Each manicure ritual should end with a fragrant touch, which is massaging the oil into the nails. Posé is a perfumed oil with...
Price pln 30.00

Cuticle oil ONE TOUCH 30ml

One Touch is a variation of extremely elegant and feminine fragrance. Delicately interweaving notes of juicy fruits with hints...
Price pln 30.00

Cuticle oil PEACH 30ml

Do you want to pamper your customers even more? Give them the true pleasure of perfectly groomed cuticles and hands. The...
Price pln 30.00

Cuticle Oil MADAME BLOOM 30ml

The fragrance composition of the cuticle oil is noble notes of iris, orange blossom and jasmine, enriched with deep accords of...
Price pln 30.00


Disposable corn gloves are an alternative to the standard gloves used when applying a hand mask. pack: 100 pcs....
Price pln 39.90