Airbrush paint KAKAO

decorating paint

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Specially developed and adapted nail paints designed for airbrush. High pigment content provides excellent coverage with minimal product consumption.

capacity: 10ml

Delivery time includes: order processing time and carrier delivery time (1-2 days in Poland).

Product for professional use.

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Specially developed and adapted nail paints for airbrush. The high pigment content provides excellent coverage with minimal product consumption.

The colours are ready to use and do not need to be diluted. They can be combined with each other and thinned with water, so you can create an unlimited number of shades and colours.

When used stencils reusable for airbrush styling you can create amazing nail art designs on natural nails as well as on gel or acrylic nails.


  • Created with dedication by the best specialists
  • Completely hypoallergenic, odourless.
  • Suitable for airbrush applications with any nozzle diameter.
  • Correct application creates a thin, flexible film when sprayed - does not crack.
  • The colours blend perfectly, allowing you to create hundreds of unique shades.
  • Paints are ready to use and do not require additional thinners.

How to use airbrush paints:

  • Shake the bottle before starting work.
  • Apply airbrush paint at a distance of 5-10 cm on a properly prepared nail surface.
  • Avoid creating streaks or blobs to avoid chipping when wearing the nail design.
  • Apply the chosen colour to the properly prepared nail. lhybrid nail polish.
  • Then cure in a lamp.
  • On the hardened colour layer apply Marble Base.
  • Cure and wipe off the dispersion layer. Cleaner.
  • On the so prepared nail plate, apply with an airbrush and create a styling. Wait a few seconds between each application of subsequent colours (so that the applied paint dries).
  • Finally protect the nail with a top coat. We recommend that the first layer should be done Top Coat (with a dispersion layer). For the second layer use any Top Coat, Top No Wipe or Top Ultra Matt. Pay special attention to carefully protect the edges of the nail plate.

Shelf life of paint - 2 years

Keep the bottle hermetically closed.

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