Meet the updated ProShape Acryl+Gel line

Meet the updated ProShape Acryl+Gel line

Not everyone can enjoy a beautiful and long nail plate. Therefore, creating a manicure is more than just applying colored polish or designs. It is also about extending, building and modeling the plate, so that its length and shape correspond to individual requirements. This requires acrogels, such as ProShape Acryl+Gel, which allow for extremely precise and easy work in the field of nail design.

The presented ProShape Acryl+Gel products are a refreshed line of high quality builder gels designed for both UV and LED lamps. What makes it stand out is the new design of packaging and labels, as well as an additional product, which is a building gel in MAGIC COVER colour. Work efficiently and accurately, bet on modern UV nail gels today!

Why use the products ProShape Acrylic + Gel?

Their unquestionable advantage is excellent elasticity and hardness, at the same time easy to file. ProShape Acryl+Gel nail gels, due to their innovative formula, are perfect for the reconstruction of both fingernails and toenails. Using them, there is no need to use a form, and during curing they do not cause discomfort. It is also important that they allow full precision of application, not only for experienced nail stylists, but also for beginners.

The refreshed ProShape Acryl+Gel collection includes:

  • ProShape Acryl+Gel MAGIC COVER,
  • ProShape Acryl+Gel CLEAR,
  • ProShape Acryl+Gel BLUSH COVER,
  • ProShape Acryl+Gel COVER WARM,
  • ProShape Acryl+Gel COVER COLD,
  • ProShape OVAL brush,
  • ProLiquid auxiliary preparation.

Check out the ProShape Acryl+Gel UV nail builders presented at Eclair. We are convinced that you will find them to be an excellent alternative to other brands of nail building gels. Enjoy precise application, economical use, and value for money today. We look forward to your purchase!