Trends are changing, the product base is constantly expanding, a new season means new products, the competition doesn't sleep... Today, your skills are your greatest asset, which is why we organise training courses and workshops that allow you to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge that you can use immediately after leaving the class.

Improving your workshop and constantly expanding your offer is extremely important in times of an increasingly demanding market and growing competition. And all this for the most beautiful nail designs of your customers.

Éclair Nail Studio has been entered in the Register of Training Institutions under no: 2.30/00111/2020

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Nail design course and more

Up to now you have been doing manicures amateurishly, at home, but now you want to make your passion a professional speciality? Do you dream of creating the most beautiful manicures? Or do you need new skills to expand your salon offering? Take a look at the stationary training courses on offer at the Eclair Training Centre!
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Stationary manicure course

The training courses organised by our brand are worth signing up for for many reasons:

  • Eclair has been an important player in the nail styling market for more than a dozen years,
  • we organise training for very small groups of 2-4 people, so that each trainee gets exactly the support they need from the instructor,
  • workshops are conducted by professionals with theoretical knowledge and extensive experience. As a result, we are able to teach even beginners complex and impressive techniques;
  • direct contact with the instructor allows you to ask any question you may have, without having to worry about the limited time of the meeting,
  • individual programmes last 3-4 hours, 1 day or 2 days, depending on the amount of theoretical material and practical exercises,
  • we are constantly expanding our course programme to adapt to the constantly evolving market,
  • during your training you will benefit from a professionally equipped workstation and top quality products,
  • at the end of the course you will be provided with reference material to enable you to refer back to the techniques learnt during the workshop,
  • you will receive a certificate of completion from us.

Nail art course at the Eclair Training Centre

The range of manicure training courses on offer is constantly changing, with new offerings to match market innovations. Among other things, we invite you to courses on hybrid technique, nail architecture, shapes (square, oval, almond), salon decoration, various effects (e.g. marble effect), decoration with crystals, as well as pedicure. During an intimate meeting with an instructor, you will learn the theoretical aspects of each treatment, perform exercises, receive feedback on your work as well as plenty of practical advice. Take a look at our in-house training programme, in addition to checking out our online manicure courses!