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Welcome to the world of the most beautiful nails!

Éclair brand was created from a great passion for creating beautiful, unique and perfect things. All this is based on years of experience in the industry Artistic Director Iga Sadowska-Wilczynski, who regularly follows global trends and stays abreast of customer needs.

As a reputable brand, our priority is the highest quality nail design products, services and knowledge. Every day we want to inspire you to creative work, because we believe in infinite creativity and imagination.

We put in your hands products of the highest quality, so that the work you do will not only give you satisfaction, but also great pleasure.

Éclair - feel beautiful, special and individual!

What we do is our passion, so we are constantly working on new solutions in the field of nail design, improving products and expanding our offer with the latest additives and nail accessories. Together with you we want to set new trends in nail design, so that each of us can feel beautiful, unique and unrepeatable.

Professional products, accessories and add-ons for nails

In our offer you will find the best hybrid nail polishes with innovative formulas that ensure excellent quality, durability and beautiful, strong color coverage. We also offer a wide range of products and accessories designed to decorate or care for nails - milling machines for cosmetic manicure and pedicure, LED lamps for hybrids or brushes. A large part of our range are also accessories for nail design in the form of glitter, stickers, sequins, zircons, acrylic paints and crystals.

We know that the greatest value of any stylist is continuous development. Constant expansion of services in the salon is extremely important in times of increasingly demanding market and increasing competition.

That is why we invite you to participate in professional training, workshops and shows based on our own programs.

We conduct, among others, nail styling courses, training in manicure and hybrid pedicure or workshops on the most modern method of Marble Effect decorations. Each participant receives a certificate confirming the acquired skills.

Éclair is the definition of unique styling and highest quality products.

Feel special and beautiful with Éclair!