Swarovski TRIANGLE AB 3.3mm

crystals for nails

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Swarovski crystals for nail design.

Swarovski is the undisputed leader in the jewellery industry. Thanks to modern technologies and amazing aesthetic sense the brand provides the most beautiful crystals for nail decoration.

package: 10 pcs.

size: 3.3 mm

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Product for professional use.

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Among the most beautiful basic forms of geometry, the triangle was discovered about 4000 years ago, but this classic shape nevertheless looks very modern. The striking triangle has three sides of identical length and is easily applied with glue, making it extremely useful for creating geometric nail designs.

TheAurora Borealis (AB) effect is a special effect which gives exceptional opalescence and depth. It makes Swarovski crystals shimmer with the colours of the rainbow, attracting the eye. The effect resembles the Aurora Borealis, hence the name in Latin.

This amazing iridescent effect was created in 1956 in collaboration with Christian Dior. The unique nature of the effect allows the crystals to sparkle in different shades depending on the environment and incident light. Aurora catches the eye with its rich reflections. It blends perfectly with other colours and materials and adds exclusivity to the whole styling.

To attach the crystals simply use our Eclair Glue Jewellery or UV gel Jewellery 3D. The crystals are unique in their design and will not lose their colour or sparkle in any conditions.

Remember to apply the crystals directly onto the finished nail before applying the top coat. After the application, carefully protect the crystals with TOP COAT or TOP THICKY NO STICKY, at the edges, paying special attention not to apply the product on the crystals.

Swarovski Professional
10 units
3.3 mm