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PODOLOGIC ACID Foot bath salt

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Foot bath salt with AHA and BHA acids

volume: 1500g

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Product for professional use.

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Foot bath before podiatry and pedicure treatment, especially for problems with excessive keratosis of the epidermis, thickening, very dry, rough and damaged foot skin.


  • cleansing and refreshing the feet
  • loosening the connections between the cells of the epidermis and facilitating its mechanical removal
  • soften calloused skin
  • supplying the skin with essential minerals and microelements
  • moisturizing and smoothing, restoring feet skin to a healthy appearance
  • proper preparation for further podological treatments

CAUTION: The product contains salicylic acid. Do not apply on irritated and damaged skin, in children, pregnant women, people with anaemia, Rey's syndrome, allergic to salicylates, diabetes, mycosis, eczema. Discontinue use in case of irritation, burning, itching, redness.

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