PODOLOGIC FITNESS Antibacterial foot salt

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Antibacterial foot bath salt with silver ions

capacity: 1400g

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Product for professional use.

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Specialised foot bath salt recommended before podiatric or pedicure treatment, as an antibacterial prophylaxis, especially for feet with excessive sweating problem. The combination of salt crystals with silver ions and zinc oxide not only softens calloused epidermis, but above all provides feet with antibacterial protection, reduces sweating and eliminates unpleasant odour of sweat. A salt bath cleanses and refreshes the feet, removes corns and calluses more quickly/effectively and prevents the epidermis from cracking.

Active ingredients: salt crystals, silver ions, zinc oxide.

PODOLOGIC FITNESS is a specialist line for the care of feet prone to excessive sweating and in antibacterial prophylaxis. The preparations of this line contain silver ions in their composition, which show excellent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Ideal for athletes, runners and all people actively involved in a busy lifestyle.

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