NIVELAZIONE Refreshing Foot Cream

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Refreshing foot cream

volume: 500ml

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Product for professional use.

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Intensively active cream for feet at the end of pedicure treatment, recommended for excessively calloused feet skin before podiatric or pedicure treatment. Thanks to the high concentration of urea (30%) it effectively softens calloused epidermis, facilitates the removal of calluses and corns. The ingredients contained in this preparation additionally tone and refresh the skin of your feet, perfectly preparing it for further treatments.

Active ingredients: Urea (30%), biosulphur, sage extract, Inulin.

NIVELAZIONE is a professional line recommended for specialist foot care for very common and characteristic problems such as excessive keratosis, hyperhidrosis and swelling. Thanks to appropriately selected active ingredients, a combination of natural components with the latest discoveries and achievements of cosmetology and dermatology, these preparations not only eliminate the ailments, but also leave the impression of "light" and refreshed feet. In addition, they are used for anti-fungal and anti-bacterial prophylaxis.