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PODOLOGIC LIPID SYSTEM Cream patch for calluses

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Creamy patch for calluses

volume: 500ml

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Product for professional use.

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Creamy patch for calluses

capacity: 500 ml

A specialist preparation combining components with a strong lubricating, moisturising and regenerating action. Recommended for the care of very dry and damaged feet with a tendency to excessive keratosis. Its effective and fast action focuses on renewal and regeneration of damaged epidermis. It strengthens and protects the skin against excessive drying. Thanks to high urea content it eliminates the problem of excessive keratosis of the epidermis and prevents its recurrence. Recommended for diabetics.

Active ingredients: Urea (30%), MULTIOILS COMPLEX, SKIN SMOOTH SYSTEM, natural rosemary and pine essential oil.

PODOLOGIC LIPID SYSTEM is a specialist, professional foot care line, designed for dry, rough, cracked skin, with a tendency to keratosis. Optimally selected ingredients based on vegetable emollients intensively soften, moisturise and protect the epidermis against excessive keratinisation and cracking. Additional substances of strong soothing properties, contained in them, eliminate irritation, stimulate healing and regeneration of damaged foot skin. The preparations of the PODOLOGIC LIPID SYSTEM line are ideal for prophylaxis of diabetic foot.

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