PODOLOGIC ACID softening cream mask

pln 40.70
VAT included

Foot softening cream-mask with AHA and BHA acids

capacity: 150ml

Delivery time includes: time of processing the order and time of delivery of the parcel by the carrier (1-2 days in Poland).

Product for professional use.

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purpose: prone to excessive keratinisation of the epidermis, corns, calluses and cracks, very dry, rough and damaged foot skin, prone to corns, calluses and cracks of the epidermis.

Results: softens calloused epidermis, progressively dissolves calloused epidermis, stimulates renewal and regeneration of healthy epidermis, smoothes intensively, reduces tendency to form corns, calluses and cracks of skin, optimally moisturises, brightens nail plate, improves the look and condition of foot skin.

Method of use: Shake before use. Spray the cream onto cleansed and dry foot skin from a distance of approximately 10cm and massage gently.