NIVELAZIONE Light Foot Cream

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Intensively moisturising light cream for feet

capacity: 150ml

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Intensively moisturising light foot cream

capacity: 150ml

One of the most frequent foot skin problems is its DRYNESS which, if not properly cared for, may lead to further problems - excessive keratosis of the epidermis or even cracked heels.

The Nivelazione light cream is perfect as a finishing product of the pedicure treatment, giving the effect of moisturised foot skin without the unnecessary greasy feeling.

PURPOSE: Dry, damaged, rough and prone to keratosis foot skin. Recommended for diabetics.


  • intensive moisturising without unnecessary feeling of skin greasiness and stickiness,
  • Strengthens the natural protective barrier and reduces water loss,
  • softening,
  • smoothing and making epidermis more flexible,
  • prolonging the feeling of feet freshness.

area: feet

skin type: dry, damaged, rough and prone to keratosis foot skin

action : intense hydration, strengthening of natural protective barrier, softening, smoothing and making epidermis more flexible

age: no restrictions

Capacity: 150 ml.

Active ingredients:

  • BLOOD - softens the horny layer and facilitates penetration of active ingredients into the skin, helps maintain proper moisture level
  • HIALURONIC ACID - moisturises, binds water molecules in deeper layers of epidermis, prevents keratosis and dryness of skin
  • DURAQUENCH™ IQ - advanced moisturising complex that uses a dual mechanism to create an intelligent structural layer on the surface of the skin while regulating water loss by strengthening the natural skin barrier
  • DEO ACTIVE - has a deodorising effect, neutralises the unpleasant smell of sweat and protects against its recurrence