PODOLOGIC MEDICAL Fluid for the care of feet with the problem of ingrown nails 15ml

nail fluid

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capacity: 15 ml

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Product for professional use.

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An ailment that manifests itself as pain in the lateral part of the toe (usually the toe) due to pressure on the nail shaft, e.g. from the lateral edge of the nail plate or the angle of the nail.

Long-term pressure can cause a break in the continuity of the skin and secondarily cause inflammation.

It can be caused by internal or external pressure, as well as additional factors, e.g.

  • improperly selected footwear
  • nail plate diseases
  • deformations of the nail plate or feet
  • nail plate injuries body structure


  • Urea - softens the horny layer and facilitates penetration of active ingredients. Intensely moisturises and retains water in the skin.
  • Betaine - strongly regenerates the nail plate, moisturises
  • Aloe Vera strengthens the nail plate and smoothes it
  • Biotin - strengthens the nail plate, improves the appearance and proper condition of the nails
  • Allantoin - has softening, cleansing, greasing and smoothing properties
  • Chamomile extract - has anti-inflammatory and protective properties
  • Thyme extract - supports treatment of infectious diseases

INTENDED USE: care of feet with problem of ingrown nails

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply to cleansed, dry problem areas 2 times a day, massage and leave to soak in.

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