PODOLOGIC MEDICAL Cream for skin and nails with symptoms of mycosis 15ml

foot care cream

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Tinea capitis usually develops in warm and humid areas. The factors predisposing to the development of mycosis include:

  • failure to observe foot hygiene
  • too short nail trimming
  • injuries of nail plate and skin around nails
  • wearing shoes made of artificial, unpermeable material, such as wellingtons
  • wearing tight shoes - concerns mainly women, e.g. stiletto heels, high-heeled shoes - causing pressure on the nail plate
  • excessive sweating of the feet

Characterized by fragility, brittleness, delamination and partial chipping of the nail plate. Characteristic for this type of mycosis is also a bruising of the nail plate and excessive subungual keratosis accompanied by onycholysis, i.e. detachment of the nail plate from the nail bed, on which it rests. Nails may turn white-yellow, greenish or yellow-brown.

The cream perceptibly regenerates the skin and nail plate, moisturises and forms a protective layer, nourishes and restores the feeling of comfort, soothes irritations. The product is also recommended for diabetics.


  • Dermo Protector - a natural compound that acts on microorganisms, has an anti-fungal effect
  • Urea - softens the horny layer and facilitates penetration of active ingredients. Intensely hydrates and retains water in the skin.
  • Hydromanil -colloidal polysaccharide matrix from tara tree with strong moisturising action
  • Vitamins A, B5, E, F - strongly nourish, improving the structure of the nail plate
  • Silicone oils - eliminate greasy feeling, perfectly smooth out

INTENDED USE: skin and nail care with symptoms of mycosis fungoides

APPLICATION: apply the preparation on clean, dry problematic areas 2 times a day, massage and leave it to be absorbed.