PODOLOGIC FITNESS Protective Foot Spray

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Protective foot spray

capacity: 200ml

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Product for professional use.

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Designed for daily care and protection of feet prone to excessive sweating. It refreshes your feet and eliminates unpleasant odour. Leaves your feet soft and delicate. The product facilitates the work with a grater and milling machine. Can be used both before and after treatment.

Active ingredients: nano-tech silver water, sensidin do, urea.

Results: refreshes feet, eliminates unpleasant odour.

Method of use: Spray onto the skin of your feet, paying attention to spaces between toes. Leave it to be absorbed.

PODOLOGIC FITNESS is a specialist line for the care of feet prone to excessive sweating and in antibacterial prophylaxis. The preparations of this line contain silver ions in their composition, which show excellent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Ideal for athletes, runners and all people actively involved in a busy lifestyle.