body and foot peeling

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Delicately scented sugar and salt body and foot scrub with sweet almond oil. Contains natural exfoliating particles to leave your feet feeling regenerated and smooth to the touch.

capacity: 500g

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Product for professional use.

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Delicately scented body and foot sugar scrub for relaxation and soothing the senses. Thanks to the content of natural exfoliating particles, it improves skin penetration to receive successively applied preparations. The body skin is properly moisturised, cleansed and lubricated, while the feet skin is regenerated and smooth to the touch.

dry skin requiring regeneration and smoothing, rough foot skin prone to keratosis.

Active ingredients: SWEET ALmond oil , vitamin E, SHEA butter, walnut peeling particles.

Results: effectiveexfoliation of keratinized epidermis, smoothing, moisturizing, firming, cleansing, improvement of skin condition and colour.

Method of use: apply the preparation onto damp skin, massage the body and/or feet. Rinse off the remaining scrub or remove it with warm, damp compresses.

Capacity: 50 treatments