SKIN CREAM MASK Extract PEAR 500ml o zapachu gruszkowym

body and foot creme-mask with pear fragrance

pln 51.90 (pln 10.38 / 100ml)
VAT included

The pear-scented body and foot cream-mask perfectly smooths and nourishes the skin.

capacity: 500ml

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Product for professional use.

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Recommended for dry, flabby and inflexible skin as well as for rough skin on the feet prone to keratosis. Skin Cream Mask leaves the skin velvety to the touch, firmed, elasticised and wrapped in an exceptionally beautiful scent of pear, forest fruit and vanilla.

PURPOSE: Dry, flabby, inflexible skin requiring regeneration and nourishment, rough foot skin prone to keratosis.

ACTIVE Ingredients: Shea butter, avocado oil, canola oil, vitamins A,E,F, pear extract.

EFFECTS: Perfectly smooth, moisturise, nourish, improve skin elasticity, firmness and resilience, regenerate and improve skin condition and colour.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: apply to the skin. Massage in. Leave until absorbed or apply under an occlusive film. After approx. 20 min. Remove the foil, massage excess product into the skin.