SKIN SCRUB Almond Flower 500g

body and foot scrub

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A delicately scented body and foot cream scrub for relaxation and soothing the senses.

capacity: 500g

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Forget dry, rough skin and welcome smooth, radiant skin with our delicately scented almond body and foot scrub. Our product is not only relaxing and soothing for your senses, but also the perfect solution for skin in need of regeneration and smoothing, as well as for rough foot skin with a tendency to keratosis.

Thanks to natural exfoliating particles - corn and walnut shell - our cream scrub effectively removes keratinised skin while moisturising, cleansing and lubricating the skin. Sweet almond oil, Shea butter, beeswax, vitamin E and almond tree blossom extract are all active ingredients that help to improve the condition and tone of your skin, as well as providing firmness.

Our formula is designed for easy and pleasant use - simply apply to damp skin, massage your body and/or feet, then rinse off or remove any residue with warm, damp compresses.

Take care of your skin and feel beautiful with our perfect body and foot cream scrub.

Capacity: 30 treatments
Capacity: 500 g