bath ball

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(pln 11.71 / 100 g)

Bath ball with three natural oils - avocado, grape seed and soybean. Moisturises, firms and gives the skin a silky softness. It dissolves in warm water, creating a gentle foam that relaxes the body and senses. Luxurious care and a moment of relaxation for demanding skin. Discover the secret of beauty and relaxation with the bath ball.

Capacity: 170g

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Taking care of the condition of our skin is extremely important for each of us. We want our skin to be moisturised, supple and soft to the touch. That is why our F.L.Y. Bath Bomb. Bath Bomb contains three natural oils: avocado oil, grape seed oil and soybean oil. Each of these ingredients has unique properties that benefit the condition of the skin.

Bath ball - the secret to moisturising and making skin supple

Avocado oil is a real dose of hydration and nourishment. Penetrating deep into the skin, it provides intense hydration that makes your skin soft and silky smooth.

Grape seed oil, on the other hand, is a treasure trove of antioxidants that protect the skin from harmful environmental factors. It strengthens the skin's structure, giving it firmness and elasticity. In addition, this oil has a soothing effect on irritation and promotes skin regeneration.

Soybean oil is rich in valuable fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. It has a soothing and calming effect, perfectly moisturising the skin and restoring its healthy glow. It supports the skin's natural regenerative processes, eliminating dryness and roughness.

When you drop the ball into warm water, the composed fragrances of the active ingredients are released, enveloping the entire room with a pleasant aroma.

The bath ball is not only a moment of relaxation, but also a luxurious care for your skin. The active ingredients contained in the ball penetrate deep into the skin, providing it with essential nutrients and moisturisers. As a result, your skin becomes more supple, moisturised and nourished, and a silky softness becomes your skin's calling card.

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