Smart Color MILKYWAY

gel polish 7ml

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MilkyWay is a unique product in our range, based on the latest technological solutions, which will revolutionise your work.

capacity: 7ml

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Product for professional use.

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MilkyWay is a unique product in our range developed with the latest technological solutions that will revolutionise your work. Beautiful, milky pigment provides 80% coverage. The thick consistency of the polish allows to build up the C-curve, level the nail plate and strengthen it perfectly.

Manicure made with the use of Smart Color MilkyWay is very durable, and nails delight with a natural look. Smart Color MilkyWay is a perfect solution if you love delicate, milky stylizations, which always match every occasion and complexion.

The product will significantly shorten the time of work, you only need a moment to enjoy a beautiful manicure without worrying about its durability.

The line of hybrid Smart Color nail polishes is characterized by products with a high surface tension and a sufficiently hard structure, so that with this colour you can build the nail profile without having to use a building base. Smart Color lacquers have a thick consistency.

Eclairhybrid lacquers are outstanding quality products for nail decoration. Thanks to the consistency combining the durability of gel and plasticity of varnish, they allow you to obtain even greater control over the application, and improved, oval, fan-like brush guarantees the implementation of precise and perfect manicure. Eclair hybrid nail varnishes go through a long testing process before they reach the hands of our clients - we want to make sure that the product meets all the requirements and the final product meets your expectations.

What are the special features of Eclair hybrid nail polishes?

  • rich colour palette,
  • excellent pigmentation,
  • unique creamy texture that does not flood the cuticles,
  • easy application with an oval fan-shaped brush,
  • does not chipThanks to the modern formula combining the advantages of gel and varnish,
  • spreads evenly without leaving streaks,
  • strong, intensive shine,
  • perfect and long-lasting manicure,
  • elegant, eye-catching packaging.

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