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ENERGY SHOT collection

gel polish set

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Intense shades of gel polish are perfect for the foreground. Make your hairstyle bold and distinctive. The multifaceted geometric motifs are undeniably the most fashionable look.

set of 5 colours of hgel polish

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Product for professional use.

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Juicy, strong and energetic colours will definitely work during the warm months.

Our plan? Draw all the attention to your nails, the bolder the better! Intense shades of hybrid polish feel perfectly at the forefront. Give your style a fierce and distinctive touch. Multidimensional, geometric motifs in energetic version are undoubtedly the most fashionable decorations.

The ENERGY SHOT set includes:

  • PEACH MORNING  7ml - 1 pc
  • DONUT PANIC 7ml - 1 pc
  • ZORRO POMIDORRO 7ml - 1 item
  • LOVE YOU BERRY MUCH 7ml - 1 item
  • SEVENTH HEAVEN 7ml - 1 item

In our offer you will find hybrid varnishes in practical sets. We are convinced that they will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers, for whom the word compromise does not exist.

Hybrid varnishes Eclair Nail are quality products for nail decoration. Thanks to their creamy texture, which combines the durability of gel with the plasticity of varnish, they allow even greater control over the application, and the improved, fan-like, oval brush guarantees a precise and perfect manicure. Eclair Nail Hybrid Varnishes go through a long process of testing before they reach the hands of customers - we want to make sure that the product meets all requirements.

Why are Eclair Nail hybrid nails the best?

  • rich colour palette,
  • excellent pigmentation,
  • unique creamy texture that does not flood the cuticles,
  • easy application with an oval fan-shaped brush,
  • does not chipThanks to the modern formula combining the advantages of gel and varnish,
  • spreads evenly without leaving streaks,
  • strong intense gloss,
  • elegant, eye-catching packaging.

Choose our hybrid polishes with maximum shine and pigment saturation - enjoy amazing nail design for a long time!


The correct way to get the perfect manicure


We start by preparing the station, where only sterilised tools should be present. Remember to wear gloves and disinfect your hands!


Remove cuticles - this is best done with a milling machine and the picks that suit you best (you can find videos of different picks here). If you don't have a cutter, remove cuticles (dry) with a cutter pick and, if necessary, cut the cuticles with a pair of tweezers.


Matt the nails with a high-grade file (180 or 240) or polishing block, paying particular attention to the area around the nail shafts.


Clean the nail plate of dust using a brush. Apply Nail Prep, taking care not to touch the nail plate so as not to contaminate it again.


In this step, we apply Acid Primer or No Acid Primer or Ultra Bond Extra Strong (recommended to increase polish adhesion).


After the Primer has evaporated (approx. 15s.), apply Smart Base Crystal Clear, curing in the lamp (UV - 2 min. or LED - up to 30s.)


Then apply the first layer of gel polish, cure in the lamp (UV - 2 min. or LED -30 to 60 sec.).


For a better effect and depth of colour, apply a second coat of gel polish, cure in the lamp (UV - 2 mins or LED -30 to 60 secs).


Apply Top Coat or Ultra Top Matt, depending on the effect you want to achieve. Speed up your work by applying Top Thicky No Sticky without a dispersion layer.
If you want to give your nails an original finish use our GALAXY Top No Wipe, which will transform any nail design.


Wipe off the dispersion layer with a dust-free sponge soaked in Cleaner.


Apply oil to nourish cuticles and shine the finish with a cotton swab.


Gel Polish removal

Remove your gel polish with our excellent  drill bit for gel polish!