Smart Base SOFT WHITE 14ML

hybrid base

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Smart Base Soft White is a natural, delicately milky shade that will be the perfect base product when creating any hairstyle.

capacity: 14 ml

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Smart Base Soft White is a natural, slightly milky shade that will be the perfect base product when creating any style.

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Smart Base is a line of hybrid builder bases that, thanks to their properties, will level, strengthen and overbuild the apex, creating the perfect C-curve. Smart Base series are multi-tasking bases of the highest quality. Their characteristic feature is their flexibility and durability. They level very easily and quickly after application on the nails, making them quick and pleasant to work with.

Create the most beautiful manicures in a very easy and fast way.

Product features:

  • flexible, self-levelling
  • quick and easy application,
  • strengthens the nail plate,
  • thick consistency,
  • overbuild and levelling of the nail plate.

The Smart Base line of hybrid bases was created to perform an innovative method of building and strengthening nails. However, our products in this line have many more applications. They are perfect as bases both under hybrid stylization and as bases in gel method.

However, remember that in case of problematic nails, our Smart Base Crystal Clear is the best choice. It is characterised by high flexibility and lack of pigment, thanks to which this transparent base has much better adhesion.

All products from the Smart line are also building hybrids, which thanks to their properties allow to even out, strengthen and improve durability of the styling. They spread perfectly on the plate during work, thanks to their self-levelling properties, while giving the nails a beautiful colour.

Taking care of every detail of hybrids from the Smart Base collection, we also took care to introduce many different colours of these products. Thanks to that they can be used also as a standalone hybrid colour. In the colour palette we can find beige, milky-pink tones up to delicate colours with shiny, elegant silver or gold particles.

Smart Base products, due to their wide application are recommended to every stylist - both the supporter of hybrid stylization and the lover of exclusively gel nails. They allow you to offer your client a wide range of services and individually adjust the products to the needs of the client and her nail plate.

Produkt do uzytku profesjonalnego
Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not misuse. Do not apply directly to nail plate.