ShroomMe Lion`s Mane & Chaga

concentrated extract of Lion's Mane and Chaga

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  • benefit from the properties of adaptogens
  • improve concentration and attention
  • give yourself energy every day
  • Support your body against fatigue

Suitable for vegans

Recommended intake: 1 scoop (500 mg) 1-3 times daily - as an addition to coffee, tea or other beverage (do not add to boiling water)

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important for the functioning of the human body. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute (replacement) for a varied diet.
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Neuroprotective properties of mushrooms

Hedgehog soprano, or Lion's Mane, is the mushroom that has the most documented brain-supporting effects. We can now refer to dozens of studies that point to its neuroprotective properties, supporting concentration and sharpening the mind.

Chaga is a vital mushroom, which can also be found in Poland in the form of a birch growth. It has been used for centuries as a huge reservoir of health-promoting compounds and antioxidants.

Due to the amount of energy processes that take place in the brain and the sensitivity of nerve cells to damage - this organ needs them very much.

My greatest passion is neuroscience and natural compounds that support the body, especially the brain. The combination of ShroomMe Lion's Mane & Chaga that we used in ShroomMe Lion's Mane & Chaga works perfectly in the context of supporting the nervous system - it improves its functioning and keeps it in good shape for a long time.

The ingredients in ShroomMe Lion's Mane & Chaga dietary supplement are adaptogens, i.e. plants that increase the body's resources to fight various stressors, support vitality, brain function and have a protective effect on the brain and strengthen immunity.

ShroomMe Lion's Mane & Chaga is a universal dietary supplement that supports brain function and immunity. People who need energy because they lead an active lifestyle (athletes and people whose work requires focus and concentration) will appreciate it.


ShroomMe Lion's Mane & Chaga dietary supplement is not a ground mushroom. It is a product rich in natural extracts standardized for the presence of active ingredients and polysaccharides, which additionally have a DER (Drug Extract Ratio) that proves the high effectiveness of the ingredients.


ShroomMe Lion's Mane & Chaga dietary supplement is available in a convenient powder form that you can add to your coffee, tea or other favourite beverage.


In ShroomMe Lion's Mane & Chaga you will find no unnecessary fillers, preservatives or colours. The pure composition free from impurities is confirmed by product tests conducted by an independent, accredited laboratory of J.S. Hamilton Poland.

When should you use ShroomeMe Lion's Mane & Chaga?

  • You study or work a lot and want to improve your concentration and intellectual performance (memory)
  • You want to improve your immunity when your body is weakened by constant fatigue
  • You lead a busy life, so you need energy and want to improve your body's performance
  • You want an antioxidant effect that delays the cell aging process
  • You like drinking coffee and want to "boost" its stimulating effect

Take care of your brain and support cognitive functions

The ritual of drinking mushroom coffee has accompanied me for several years. I have introduced it into my daily routine along with healthy eating habits, which has brought me sensational results in the form of better brain function, increased concentration, faster assimilation of new information.

Through the effect of the sea urchin on the stimulation of trophic factors and the protective effect of the chaga, we get a synergistic combination which is a great support for brain function. I believe this is one of the best daily habits we can introduce to support the nervous system.


Dry extract from the fruiting bodies of Hericium erinaceus (Bull.) Pers. DER 15:1, dry extract from subcortical spinneret (Inonotus obliquus (Ach. ex Pers.) Pilát ) containing 40% of polysaccharides DER 15:1, anti-caking substance: silicon dioxide.


In a tightly closed container, at room temperature 15-25° C, in a dry place, out of the reach of small children. Protect from moisture and light.


Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should consult a doctor before using the preparation.

90 measures

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