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The OMBRE Brush is designed for shading, ombre and Stone Effect nail art. You can quickly and easily create beautiful designs.

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Product for professional use.

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Every nail stylist should have professional nail art brushes suitable for different nail design techniques. This makes the stylist's work faster, easier and more precise. Among the many current types of brushes on the market, the most important for the basic equipment of a work station are gel brushes and specially adapted brushes for different nail art techniques. Choosing the right brush - its thickness, shape and bristle type is extremely important.

The OMBRE Br ush is designed for shading, ombre and Stone Effect techniques. You can easily and quickly create beautiful stylizations.

The bristles of the brush are of two lengths (about 5 and 10 mm), which ensures a smooth and even application of the product. The comfortable handle and flat bristles ensure maximum comfort for the stylist.

Ideal for both beginners and advanced stylists.

The brush for shading and ombre styling is:

  • Two bristle lengths approx. 5 and 10 mm
  • Flexible and resilient bristles which do not deform during use
  • Easy to clean
  • Elegant design

We offer a wide range of high quality manicure brushes adapted to your needs. Be sure to stock up brushes according to their purpose. You should remember to choose a different brush for gels and a different one for acrylic paints. To make sure your brushes last as long as possible, clean them after each use.


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