NAIL ART brush 11mm

decorating brush

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The NAIL ART brush is a long, thin, nylon bristle brush that makes it easy to create precise geometric patterns, long, drawn lines, and refined shapes. Thanks to it, creating decorations knows no limits.

length of bristles: 11mm

bristle type: nylon

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Product for professional use.

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Nail art is an enduring trend in nail design. These small works of art can surprise and delight even the most demanding customers. References to nature, cartoons or film motifs are bursting with creativity and become an inseparable element of pop culture. Nail art lovers have unlimited creativity to create small masterpieces in their own original style.

The NAIL ART brush is a long, fine bristle brush which makes it easy to create precise geometrical designs, long, drawn lines and refined shapes. Thanks to it, creating decorations knows no limits.

Its uniqueness lies in its flexible nylon bristles, which create unique shapes, and the balanced handle of the brush, which fits perfectly in the stylist's hand.

Recommended not only to professionals in nail art, but also for those beginning their adventure with nail styling and hybrid manicure. Its wide range of applications will certainly facilitate the art of intricate nail styling.

  • bristle length: 11mm
  • type of bristle: nylon

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