Nail Drill BECZKA Soft

nail drill for cuticles

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Excellent quality cylindrical nail cutter with diamond coating. It is perfect for nail shaping. It can also be used to mat the nail plate.

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Product for professional use.

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The Barrel cutter is ideal for removing cuticles and gently cleaning the nail plate of keratinised epidermis. You can use it to work on the lateral nail shaft.

The head is made of natural diamond powder.


  • diameter - 3,5 mm
  • height - 8.0 mm
  • shank diameter - 2.35 mm

Nail cutters

Nail stylists work is more than just painting designs or extending the natural nail plate. A comprehensive manicure begins with thorough hand cleansing, removing dead cuticles or gently pushing them apart to enlarge the nail surface. All stages of preparation require the use of dedicated accessories - files and cosmetic cutters. We encourage you to browse our entire selection of nail cutters, as the different types serve slightly different purposes.


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