Nail Drill for gel polish - WALEC ZAOKRĄGLONY

Nail Drill for gel polish

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The CURVED CALLER is the highest quality cutter for hybrid removal. Made from "tungsten carbide" and coated with a zirconium layer, it is extremely durable. This material guarantees long-lasting use and the zirconium coating further strengthens its resistance, making it an indispensable tool for nail design.

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The rounded cylinder-shaped cutter for removing hybrid products is a high quality cutter made of "tungsten carbide" with a zirconium coating, which makes it extremely durable. The cutter's material ensures long-lasting use and the zirconium coating further enhances its resistance, making it an indispensable tool in the field of nail design.

Measuring 6 mm by 14 mm in length, this nail cutter was created with precision in mind. Its fine, gritty tip makes it suitable for the careful removal of lacquers and hybrid bases.

Discover its versatility:

  • Effortlessly removes hybrid polish
  • Ideal for correcting gel tunnels
  • Perfectly removes hybrid bases
  • Perfect for shortening nails
  • Effectively eliminates thickened and calloused skin

The use of the cutter covers both manicure and pedicure, making it an indispensable ally in caring for the appearance of the nails.

Ease of maintenance and hygiene is also important. The pick can be easily cleaned with disinfectants suitable for metal tools. It can be sterilised in an autoclave.

Ensure you have a supply of these cutters so that you can quickly disinfect your tools between clients, showing your commitment to both a perfect finish and hygiene.