Nail Drill for gel polish - WALEC

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The Cylinder-shaped stock pick is extremely durable and resistant, thanks to tungsten carbide with zirconium oxide coating. Excellent hardness and precision. Ideal for removal of lacquer and hybrid base.

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The cylindrical hybrid stripping cutter made of high-quality tungsten carbide with a zirconium oxide coating is a tool of exceptional durability and wear resistance. It is a material of extraordinary hardness, further protected by the zirconium oxide coating. Its fine grit makes it ideal for removing surfaces such as lacquer or hybrid base.

Working part specifications:

  • Diameter: 6 mm
  • Length: 14 mm

Use of the cutter:

  • ideal for correcting gel tunnels
  • for hybrid varnish removal
  • for hybrid base coat removal
  • Nail shortening
  • for removing calluses and erosions from feet

Safe to use:

The cutter is equipped with a rounded, smooth head, making it extremely safe to use. The smooth surface of the head minimises the risk of skin damage in the event of accidental contact.

The cutter can be cleaned with disinfectants and sterilised in the autoclave.

We recommend getting several of the same cutters so that you can disinfect them between clients while maintaining the highest hygiene standards.