Nail art stickers GREEN LEAF

nail decorations

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The GREEN LEAF nail art stickers are the perfect addition to any nail design. They allow you to quickly and easily create an impressive and unique decoration on your nails, giving you a real WOW effect.

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Nail decoration is one of the most popular trends in nail design. Eclair's offer is being joined by more and more new decorations, distinguished by their shape, colour and quality, which are in line with the global fashion known from the catwalks of the greatest designers.

With our nail art designs you can create unique nail art, which will attract the eye with beautiful colours and great shine. With us you will find the most fashionable polishes, crystals, boules, stickers, nail jewellery, giving the stylist the possibility of creative and unlimited creative work with nail decorations.

Hybrid manicure has risen to the level of art. The subtlety of the decoration emphasises a woman's sensuality, highlighting her character. The intricate art of nail decoration turns a classic manicure into an original and unique design.

Nail art stickers GREEN LEAF will be used as a perfect complement to each styling. With them you can quickly and easily create an impressive and unique decoration on your nails and get a real WOW effect.

Produkt do uzytku profesjonalnego
Do not apply directly to the nail plate. Keep out of reach of children.