nail art pearls

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The Swarovski pearls in the shape of drops have a flat underside, which makes them ideal for decorating nails. They are perfect for the NailArt technique.

package: 4 pcs.

size: 8 x 5 mm

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Product for professional use.

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Pearls are a classic design element that is always on trend. The Cabochon Drop Flat Back shape is a classic example of this - it never goes out of fashion. It can be used to create pearl motifs for nail design. The styling possibilities are endless. What's more, it is backed by the highly effective PlatinumPRO Foiling, which is highly resistant to environmental wear.

The Swarovski drop-shaped pearls have a flat bottom making them ideal for nail decoration. They are perfect for the nail art technique.

For application, simply use our Eclair Glue Jewellery and you are able to create unique designs. The crystals are unique in their structure and do not lose their colour and brilliance under any conditions. The crystals have a flat bottom, which makes them ideal for decorating nails. The crystals sparkle in all the colours of the rainbow and are perfect for nail art.

Smart Base CRYSTAL CLEAR can also be used to attach the crystals.

Remember: crystals should be glued directly on the finished nail before top coat application. After the application, carefully protect the crystals with TOP COAT or TOP THICKY NO STICKY, at the edges, paying special attention not to apply the product on the crystals.

Swarovski Professional
4 units
8.0 x 5.0 mm

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