Swarovski perły 3/4 Light Chrome ss10

3/4 beads for nails

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The 3/4 pearls are an original shape with which you can create a wonderful nail design. The bevelled base makes it easy to apply the pearls to the nail.

pack: 30 pcs.

size: SS 10 2,8 - 2,9 mm

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Product for professional use.

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Pearls have been admired as objects of beauty for centuries and their shape is always in fashion. The 3/4 pearl is an original shape with which you can create a wonderful nail design. Thanks to the bevelled base, you can apply them perfectly on the nail plate.

The Swarovski pearl collection includes a classic range of pearl effects that reflect current trends. They offer a variety of options for occasional as well as everyday styling and work perfectly in combination with crystals from the classic collection to create cross-cultural designs with ethnic, classic, romantic or bridal character.

Your clients will be delighted with the styling using these pearls.

For application, simply use our Eclair Glue Jewellery and you are able to create unique styles. The crystals are unique in their design and will not lose their colour and sparkle under any conditions. The crystals have a flat bottom, making them ideal for nail art. The crystals sparkle in all the colours of the rainbow and are perfect for nail art.

The Smart Base CRYSTAL CLEAR is also ideal for attaching the crystals.

Remember to attach the crystals directly onto the finished nail before applying the top coat. After application, carefully protect the crystals using TOP COAT or TOP THICKY NO STICKY, at the edges, taking special care not to apply product on the crystals.

Swarovski Professional
30 pieces
ss 10 2,8 - 2,9 mm