No Acid Primer 14ml

acid-free primer

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(pln 1.79 / 1 ml)

Classic acid-free base coat essential for every nail design. It is used as a preparation of the natural nail plate for gel or hybrid styling.

volume: 14 ml

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Product for professional use.

NOTE: The product can be packed in a transparent or black bottle. This does not affect the use of the product.

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Nail Primer: No Acid

No Acid is a classic acid-free primer, an auxiliary preparation indispensable in every styling. It is used as a preparation of the natural nail plate for gel or hybrid styling. The main task of the primer is strong degreasing of the nail plate, which increases adhesion of applied light curing products used in styling. With less problematic nails, it also prevents the formation of blockages.

Reliable no acid nail primer

Due to its formulation, No Acid Primer is non-drying and gentle on nails. It is also recommended for people with sensitive skin prone to allergies. After drying it leaves a shiny and sticky layer. Before application, matt the nail plate with a buffer or polishing block and wipe with a cleaner. Apply the nail primer in one thin layer on healthy, natural nail plate avoiding cuticles and the area around the nail shaft. The preparation should not be applied on damaged nails. When applying acid-free primer , wait until the product evaporates completely. Do not cure in a UV/LED lamp.

Product features:

  • acid-free
  • strengthens adhesion
  • leaves a shiny glow
  • recommended for people with sensitive, allergy-prone skin

ATTENTION: At temperatures around 7 degrees or lower the product may freeze. If this happens, please allow the product to reach room temperature before opening and leave for at least an hour until it has returned to its liquid consistency. The freezing of the product does not affect its functional properties.

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