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(pln 1.79 / 1 ml)

Keratolytic is a product with intensive softening effect.

capacity: 14 ml

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Product for professional use.
NOTE: The product may yellow in the packaging. This does not affect the properties of the product.

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Keratolytic is a product with intensive softening effect on cuticles. Glycerine contained in the composition improves hydration and reduces roughness of the skin in the nail shafts.

  • Accelerates epidermis regeneration processes. Increases skin elasticity.
  • Regular use of the liquid prevents the growth of cuticles on the nail surface and their cracking.

Product is designed to prepare for non-invasive removal of overgrown cuticles. This will become a key stage in any manicure or pedicure styling, thanks to which we gain a natural effect of well-groomed cuticles.

Method of use:

Classic manicure: Apply the product to the cuticles around the nail shaft. Wait approx. 10 seconds and remove cuticles with a metal pusher or wooden stick. Neutralise with water and proceed to the next step.

Combination manicure: After the manicure and gel/hybrid/acrylic gel builder application, apply Keratolytic to the area of the shafts, wait for a moment and neutralise with water. Thoroughly degrease with Nail Prep and then proceed to colour application.

ATTENTION: At temperatures around 7 degrees or lower, it can freeze. If this happens, please allow the product to reach room temperature before opening, leaving it for at least an hour until it has returned to its liquid consistency. The freezing of the product does not affect its functional properties.

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