ProShape Acryl+Gel CLEAR 50g

acrylogel for nails

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Colourless acrylo-gel which you can use to extend your nails. Combines the properties of gel and acrylic. Discover a revolution in nail styling and enjoy new working comfort in your salon.

capacity: 50g

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Nail acrylics ProShape

Are you taking your first steps in hybrid nail design and extension? Or are you looking for products with which to create fashionable shapes and thus respond to the changing needs of customers? Don't like working in a hurry? Check out the great potential of the ProShape Acryl+Gel System nail acrylics. The builder gel, which combines the properties of traditional gel and acrylic, does not run off on the cuticles or dry out during application. Thanks to this you can form plates at your own pace without worrying that the product will self-level. It's a great option for beginners as well as experienced stylists who are looking for solutions improving comfort of work and guaranteeing spectacular effect. Order this innovative system in our shop to try it out as soon as possible!

Product cures perfectly in a lamp, perfectly spreads on the nail plate, with a specially designed brush, which soaked in ProLiquid allows us to model the mass until we achieve the ideal shape.

You no longer need to worry that the product "runs off" on the cuticles or dries too quickly during work. Innovative formula makes the products are very thick - the consistency resembles plasticine.

ProShape Acryl+Gel is characterised by excellent elasticity. It is both hard and comfortable during sawing. The product is odourless and does not react to temperature changes.

ProShape Acryl+Gel series products, in addition to its use in nail extensions as an alternative to gel or acrylic, can be used to create 3D decorations. The product clamps perfectly, allowing you to achieve the perfect tunnel.

It is also perfect for all kinds of nail reconstructions and fillers. It is irreplaceable in masking imperfections, especially in pedicure services where the problem of "non-perfect" nail plate very often appears. It is irreplaceable for curing soft, natural plates. Even without underlaying the form you will achieve the desired effect. Its flexibility and lightness will certainly be felt by customers, who will get the impression of natural and durable nails after manicure service with our products from this line.

ProShape Acrylic+Gel Eclair is the perfect addition to your salon equipment.

Discover the revolution in nail design and enjoy a new working comfort in your salon.

Product features:

  • thick consistency
  • the gel has no self-levellingproperties
  • comfortable work without rushing
  • construction, extension and modelling of nails
  • very durable and flexible system for styling and nail plate reconstruction
  • easy to crimp the compound and create a tunnel
  • minimized burning sensation under UV and LED lamp
  • odourless
  • pleasant application;
  • perfectly hard and elastic;
  • easy to work with a file;