Pododisc LONG Staleks 10mm size XS

pedicure disc

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Pododisc LONG Staleks Pro PDLset-10 is a professional milling tool for pedicure service.


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Pododisc LONG Staleks Pro PDLset-10 is a professional tool for milling in the pedicure service. The extended shank of this Pododisc model allows it to be used with most podiatric milling machines.By using the Pododisc, the stylist, when performing a pedicure on her client, significantly reduces the time of the service, achieving even smoother and softer feet. Using the pedicure disc, each of you is able to quickly and effortlessly work out even heavily thickened skin (e.g. the so-called "diabetic foot")

Pododisc is suitable for beginners as well as experienced nail stylists. The product is made of high-quality, medical-grade stainless steel, thanks to which it maintains its aesthetic appearance and usefulness even with regular sterilisation and disinfection.

Thanks to the disposable replaceable pododisc caps, your client is assured of complete hygiene and safety. For a nail stylist with a hectic work schedule, it is very important to buy a tool that can withstand daily use and last for a long time.

The Staleks Pro Pododisc is just what a true professional needs!

Key features:

  • shank length - 37.00 mm
  • shank diameter - 2.2 mm
  • size XS (diameter 10 mm)
  • suitable for autoclave or hot air sterilisation
  • Suitable for disinfection with dedicated products
  • increases the speed of the pedicure treatment
  • ensures better treatment of the sole skin
  • high quality stainless steel

Pododisc LONG fits most podiatric milling machines.