Nożyczki Staleks SX 21/1m

cuticle scissors

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Staleks Pro Exclusive 21 cuticle scissors are professional tools that will satisfy even the most demanding users.

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Cuticle scissors Staleks Pro Exclusive 21 - perfect tools for professionals and beauty lovers

Taking care of the aesthetic appearance of your hands and nails is very important for many people. Whether you look after yourself at home or use the services of professionals in a beauty salon, it is worth making sure that the tools you use are of high quality and ensure precision and safety.

The Staleks Pro Exclusive 21 Cuticle Scissors are professional tools that will satisfy even the most demanding users. This series of tools is characterised by a perfect finish in high-alloy steel and an original, stylish design with intricate patterns.

The cuticle scissors of the EXCLUSIVE series are true works of art. Their use brings pleasure to both beauty professionals and their customers. The tools are corrosion-resistant, made of top-quality materials and carefully wiped and sharpened. All this makes the scissors of the EXCLUSIVE series exemplary quality tools.

In the nail industry, ergonomics and the quality of the tools used are always important. The SX-21/1 manicure scissors are a model with curved handles, which provides a more comfortable hand position when removing cuticles. The design of the scissors is smooth and the metal from which they are made is characterised by high hardness, which ensures precise, smooth and light cutting of cuticles.

The highlight of the EXCLUSIVE cuticle scissors is the curved hook-shaped working part. The tapered and tapering shape of the cutting tips follows the nail bed, which prevents damage to the nail and provides better access to the skin around the nail.

The Staleks Pro Exclusive 21 scissors are not only an excellent tool in their function, but also aesthetically pleasing and elegant. The body and handles of the scissors feature an engraving of a magnolia flower, which adds even more class and style.

The scissors in the EXCLUSIVE series are easy to disinfect and sterilise, ensuring safe use. This makes these tools ideal for use in professional beauty salons.

Features of STALEKS PRO EXCLUSIVE 21 TYPE 1 professional cuticle scissors:

  • blade length 21 mm (+/- 1mm),
  • scissors length 102 mm (+/- 1mm)
  • ergonomically improved curved shape of handles
  • unique hook-like curve and tapered blade tips
  • hand ground under a microscope
  • high metal hardness 50-55 HRC
  • easy and smooth operation
  • original design with engraved magnolia flowers
  • suitable for disinfection and sterilisation