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foot grater

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STALEKS EXPERT-10 foot scraper (base)

package: 1 pc.

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Product for professional use.

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STALEKS Expert 10 metal foot grater - an essential tool in the beauty salon

Anyone familiar with foot care knows how important it is to remove keratinised skin. To do this, you need the right tool. The STALEKS Expert 10 metal foot grater is a product that should be part of every beauty salon's equipment.

The base for the grater is made of high-quality stainless steel, which ensures durability and resistance to corrosion. It is a guarantee of safety and hygiene for customers who use pedicure services. The STALEKS product can also be safely sterilised using an autoclave, which is extremely important in terms of maintaining cleanliness and ensuring work safety.

Abrasive pads of different gradations are also available in the shop where this product is offered. In this way, the right pad can be selected depending on the condition of the skin on the feet and the type of service being performed. In this way, the maximum comfort and efficiency of the service provided can be ensured for customers.

The STALEKS Expert 10 metal foot grater is an essential tool, without which it is difficult to imagine performing a professional pedicure. Thanks to it, it is possible to effectively remove keratinised epidermis, which translates into an improvement in the appearance of feet and the well-being of clients.

It is worth investing in this product, which stands out not only for its quality of workmanship, but also for its functionality and safety. STALEKS Expert 10 is a product that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers and will certainly contribute to the satisfaction and loyalty of beauty salon clients.

Staleks MBE-10 metal foot grater:

  • made of high quality stainless steel, used for the production of surgical instruments,
  • abrasive pads of various gradations, purchased separately, are designed for the grater,
  • smooth polished edges,
  • comfortable ergonomic handle,
  • suitable for sterilisation in the autoclave.