HYPNOTIC stamping plate

metal plate for nail stamps

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HYPNOTIC stamping plates are the perfect solution for lovers of modern and minimalist nail designs. They allow you to create a fashionable effect that perfectly complements your classic nail design.

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HYPNOTIC stamping plates are the perfect solution for lovers of modern and minimalist nail designs. With them, you can create a fashionable effect that blends perfectly with classic nail design. If you're looking for a unique character for your nails, discover the unusual technique of decorating your nails with a metal stamping plate.

Ease and precision - a simple stamping process for clean and professional results.

Our stamping plates are made of high quality metal, which ensures durability and precise designs. You will find a wide variety of designs in our range, such as delicate flowers, geometric embellishments, abstract motifs and animal prints. Whatever your style, you are sure to find a tin to suit your preferences.

The stamping process is simple and easy, allowing you to transfer your chosen design onto the nail with clean and precise results. You can stamp on the entire nail plate or experiment by decorating individual nails, creating unique compositions and wow effects! Nail Stamping Sheets allow you to give vent to your creativity and create amazing designs that will catch the attention of everyone around you.

Our stamping plates are easy to maintain and clean. We take great care with the quality of our products to ensure your long-lasting use and satisfaction. Please note that the stamping tins are protected by a protective film, which must be removed before use. After use, we recommend washing the plates with Cleaner to keep them in the best possible condition.

Let HYPNOTIC Nail Stamping Sheets become your key to perfect nail art! Be your own nail stylist and enjoy the professional effects you can achieve with them. Give free rein to your creativity and create nails that will wow everyone around you. Choose the Nail Stamping pads and let your imagination run wild on your hands!

PLEASENOTE: The nail plates are protected by a protective foil. Remove the foil before use. Wash off the pads with a cleanser.

6 x 6 cm

Prepare the nail plate: perform a manicure, make sure the nails are clean, painted with gel polish, cure, wash with Cleaner. Then matte the nail plate with a 240 gradation buffer and dust off the nail plate with a brush.



Wash the metal stamping plate with Cleaner.



Choose a design on the plate: Choose the design you want to transfer to your nail and apply one of our stamping gel colors to the design.



Remove excess stamping gel: Gently slide a plastic plate (scraper) over the tin to remove excess stamping gel and spread the gel evenly over the design, leaving it only inside the design.



Apply the stamp: Apply the stamp to the pattern on the tin pressing lightly so that the pattern adheres exactly to the stamp.



Transfer the design to the nail: Gently transfer the stamp to the nail, making sure that the design is accurately applied. You can do this by gently, firmly applying the stamp to the nail and applying short, light pressure.



Cure in a lamp: Cure the design applied to the nail in a UV/LED lamp for 30-60s.



Secure the nail: Secure the design and free edges of the nail with one of our hybrid tops. Make sure the top is evenly distributed.



  •     Make sure the tin and stamp are clean before use to avoid contamination of the design.
  •     If the design does not transfer accurately to the nail, try gently lifting and reapplying the stamp.
  •     You can experiment with different colors of stamping gel.