stamping gel GOLD 8ml

gold stamping gel

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(pln 3.75 / 1ml)

(pln 3.75 / 1 ml)

Stamping gel is a special product designed to create a variety of nail decorations using the stamping method. It is dense and sticky, which makes it possible to obtain clear patterns.

colour: GOLD

capacity: 8ml

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Product for professional use.

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Do you dream of a unique manicure that will draw everyone's attention to your beautiful nails? Now is your chance to discover the secret to extraordinary nail decorations with Stamping Gel. This product has been specially created to allow you to create unique designs that will make you stand out from the crowd. Regardless of your level of skill or artistic ability, you can easily create striking designs.

Stamping Gel is a special product designed to create a variety of nail art designs using the stamping method. It is thick and sticky, allowing you to obtain clear designs. The colour palette of the gels is very well pigmented, allowing us to obtain saturated colours on the surface of the nail. Due to its density, we recommend applying very thin layers.

Stamping gel is an excellent choice for anyone who likes to experiment with different designs and colours.

What makes stamping gel worth choosing?

  1. Speed and ease of decorating - The stamping method is extremely simple and fast, so you can create striking decorations in no time. Whatever your level of experience, stamping gels will be perfect for you.
  2. Perfect for beginners - If you are just starting out with nail art, stamping gels are a great choice. Their special consistency and high quality allow you to accurately stamp your designs, even if you are not yet a fully experienced manicurist.
  3. Perfect opacity - Stamping gels have excellent opacity, which means you will get perfectly clear designs on your nails. Their consistency allows the designs to be accurately reflected with a special stamp without any difficulty.

Remember that the stamping gel should be cured in a UV/LED lamp for about 30-60 seconds to achieve long-lasting and beautiful results.

If you want to enjoy unusual and original nail decorations, stamping gel is the perfect solution for you. Choose this special product and let your creativity blossom!

colour: GOLD

capacity: 8ml

This product is only suitable for the STAMPING Nail Art technique.

We recommend using as thin a layer as possible in order to properly harden the product on the nail plate.

8 ML
Product for professional use. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use on children. For external use only. Protect from direct sunlight and stones at temperatures below 25C.
Avoid contact with skin. May cause an alegic skin reaction. If an adverse reaction occurs, discontinue use of the product.

Prepare the nail plate: perform a manicure, make sure the nails are clean, painted with gel polish, cure, wash with Cleaner. Then matte the nail plate with a 240 gradation buffer and dust off the nail plate with a brush.



Wash the metal stamping plate with Cleaner.



Choose a design on the plate: Choose the design you want to transfer to your nail and apply one of our stamping gel colors to the design.



Remove excess stamping gel: Gently slide a plastic plate (scraper) over the tin to remove excess stamping gel and spread the gel evenly over the design, leaving it only inside the design.



Apply the stamp: Apply the stamp to the pattern on the tin pressing lightly so that the pattern adheres exactly to the stamp.



Transfer the design to the nail: Gently transfer the stamp to the nail, making sure that the design is accurately applied. You can do this by gently, firmly applying the stamp to the nail and applying short, light pressure.



Cure in a lamp: Cure the design applied to the nail in a UV/LED lamp for 30-60s.



Secure the nail: Secure the design and free edges of the nail with one of our hybrid tops. Make sure the top is evenly distributed.



  •     Make sure the tin and stamp are clean before use to avoid contamination of the design.
  •     If the design does not transfer accurately to the nail, try gently lifting and reapplying the stamp.
  •     You can experiment with different colors of stamping gel.