Nail building gel Natural Pink 50g
  • Nail building gel Natural Pink 50g

Natural Pink UV Gel 50g

building gel UV

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(pln 2.50 / 1 g)

Builder gel with a pink-milky colour, designed for curing and extending nails.

capacity: 50g

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Product for professional use.

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Abuilding gel with a pinkish-milky colour, designed to harden and extend nails. Recommended for babyboomer and pink&white manicures. Correct application allows to reduce or completely get rid of clogging. Neutral pink-milk colour and 50% coverage allows to effectively camouflage imperfections of the natural plate.

The consistency and self-levelling properties are ideal for building the skeleton and for the natural nail plate extension service. Once the tunnel is clamped it does not expand after being put back into the lamp. Natural Pink UV gel is one of the more durable gels and is therefore recommended for cracked, brittle and problematic nails.

Product features:

  • medium thick consistency
  • coverage level: 50%.
  • beautiful, delicate milk-pink colour
  • self-levelling
  • perfect for curing and extending natural plates
  • quick and precise working

Curing time

  • in UV lamp - 120-180s
  • 60-90s in LED lamp

Due to the consistency of the gel, applythe first very thin layer as a base, then cure and proceed to the next steps.

To make sure the gel spreads well, first prepare the nail well with Primer and Nail Prep - do not touch the nail plate after degreasing. When applying the gel don't lift the brush, use horizontal movements to avoid airing the gel. Once the nail is built, create a beautiful nail design with our products.

Nail building gels

Eclair is a brand offering a wide range of professional builder gels so that every woman can enjoy a beautiful manicure. Using this type of product is ideal for weak, short and brittle nails. Eclair builder g els are extremely versatile - they are the backbone of gel styling. If you want to give your nails a new shape or length, simply apply a mould to achieve the desired effect.

Durable hybrid na il gel

The manufacturer offers building gels of various properties, consistencies and shades - we want each customer to find a product that meets their expectations. The innovative formula of Eclair gels makes them one of the most popular and best-selling products for nail styling. Proper application of the builder gel guarantees excellent adhesion to the natural nail plate, as well as durability - the manicure remains intact even in extreme conditions. The self-levelling properties make working with gels a pleasure.

Eclair builder gels

Extremely easy and comfortable working with gels is a huge plus for nail design beginners. The Eclair builder gels contain pigments to suit many complexions, making it possible to achieve beautiful, natural nail designs without the need for additional materials - hybrid polish or coloured gels. Simply protect your nails with a top coat to enjoy an elegant yet subtle effect. This solution saves a lot of time.